2018 Scrapbook

Winchester Mayfest

19th May 2018

Another day in the delightful Winchester. The dance spots were a bit of a muddle, but we had a glorious day. 

There was some kind of wedding going on in Windsor on the same day, and a football match, but plenty of people around to enjoy the sunshine.

OBJ comprised: Andy, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Helen, Ian J, Jane, Joe, Karen, Lawre, Linda, Mark, Mike, Philip, Sarah, Tony, Trish and Vera

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Possibly the best spot for us this year, outside the museum

I'm not sure which dance this is, but the dancers are Sarah, Karen, Trish and Claudia

The band: Phil, Lawre (hidden), Clare, Colin, Mark, Joe and Vera.  Eddie, IanJ, Tony and Andy are rattling things.
This looks like it might be Bay Horse

Helen, Trish, Mike, Claudia and Karen are dancing

The hay figure from the same dance
This may be the chorus figure from Bay Horse too

What to say about this threesome that won't get me into trouble?

Sarah, Claudia and Karen
Ian J looking furtive as he downs a pint. 

Pole-dancing OBJ-style

Karen and Ann test Winchesters street furniture

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