2018 Scrapbook

Wessex Folk Festival, Weymouth
2nd-3rd June 2018

We enjoy Weymouth, and the weather was lovely this year.

But the organisation of dance spots rather let the festival down, with greedy stall-holders taking advantage, and the marshalls paying little attention to the safety of the dancers, the audience and the pushers-by. 

OBJ comprised: Ali, Andy, Ann, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Emma, Giles, Helen, Ian P, Joe, Kelly, MaryAnn, Mike, Phil, Tony Trish and Vera
and lots of others who joined in

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The Kings Arms spot

This looks like it might have been Dilwyn

Mike and Ali in the foreground

The band at the same spot

Joe, Colin, Giles, Phil, Clara and Vera, with help from Sharon and Chris3 (hidden)

Not clear which dance this is, but Tony, Ann, Mike, Claudia, Kelly, Trish and Helen are in it

This may be Dilwyn - it looks like the cross-overs figure

Ali, Tony, Helen and Claudia are on this side

Ann and Caudia tag-teaming in a Brimfield

The dance gets under way. 

Claudia has tagged and is dancing nearest to us
This is "Spot 3" - its, er well, not near anything except the harbour

It was a little bleak at 10am but it got better after lunch and we enjoyed sharing it with Holly Copse molly

This is sticks-out in Bay Horse

The same spot, with a superb view across the harbour
More at "Spot 3".  It was at least level, with plenty of space. It really needed some catering to bring the audience down to this end of the quay

Mike, Helen, Kelly and Phil are facing Tony, Claudia, Trish and Ian P

Another Brimfield in progress

Helen, Claudia, Ann and Kelly are sticking with Mike, Tony, Ian P and Phil
This is Alvechurch Smithy in "Spot 3"

It looks a bit like Brimfield, but its the "forge" figure in Alvechurch Smithy
The usual team picture

And another including Emma and baby Sam
The rather constrained "Spot 2" which had been squeezed by a badly positioned enormous fish and chip van

Sarum Morris and ourselves took turns to form a human wall to stop the pushers-by from walking through the set

Chris, taking some of these pictures
Giles and Clare


The audience seemed to enjoy it all

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