2018 Scrapbook

Oxford Folk Weekend

21st April 2018

A nice day in Oxford that broke new ground - the X13 bus instead of the usual X300! This took us a bit nearer to the Botanic Gardens for our first spot, and avoided a hike from the new Westgate shopping centre.

Still no London Stout as our itinerary didn't take us to the pub that didn't stock it last year - never mind, we had a lovely day.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Andy, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Helen, IanJ, Jane, Joe, Karen, Linda, Lorraine, Mark, MaryAnn, Mike, Philip, Sarah and Tony 

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21st April 2018
Oxford Folk Weekend

Dance: Witchmens Thistle

Dancers: Chris, Mike, Karen, Sarah, Tony, Ann, Helen and Eddie

Musicians: Joe, Colin (melodeons), Phil, Clare (concertinas), MaryAnn (fiddle), Ali, Mark (percussion), etc

Camera: Jane

The day started at the rather lovely Botanic Gardens

Here we are getting set for our first dance

Probably Dilwyn, looking over Clare's shoulder
Dilwyn under way, with Lorraine, Ian, Helen Mike and Karen facing us

Probably Witchmens Thistle, with Tony, MaryAnn, Claudia and Eddie all gasping for breath in perfect synchronisation 
The musicians are much more relaxed

Phil, Clare, Ali, Colin and Joe have a chat

Mark, MaryAnn and a few others have joined the band in this picture
The team photo

The Cornmarket spot

This is probably another Dilwyn, with Ian and Mike at this end of the set
This must be another dance - maybe Much Gridlock as Mike and Ian have changed sides

Ian, Helen, Ann, Andy, Tony and Sarah are on this side

Brimfield getting ready to start

Eddie and Tony are the nearest men
Sticks rampant!

Karen, Linda, Helen and Ann give it some wellie

A bit further into Brimfield
In the second half of Brimfield, roles are reversed

By this stage, Ann and Claudia had tagged one another

The final figure
The musicians await the thumbs-up for the next dance

MaryAnn, Sarah, Andy, Mark, Ali, Joe and Colin

Claudia, waiting to tag Ann in Brimfield
Ali, Mark and Joe

We met some strange beings during the long walk from the Botanic Gardens to Cornmarket

Eddie couldn't resist posing for this
And Ann attracted some odd people - nothing new there then

Joe and IanJ

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