2018 Scrapbook

Lightwater Fete

12th May 2018

Our first appearance at Lightwater Fete. We had a good day, ending in a mild drizzle - but we were undaunted. 

OBJ comprised: Ali, Andy, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Clare, Colin, Ian P, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Lawre, Linda, Lorraine, Mark, Mike, Philip, Sarah, Trish and Vera, with a bit of help from Jess and Chris3

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Performing in the giant arena wasn't really ideal but we soldiered on with the first spot

The dancers are (from L-R):
Ann, Chris, Trish, Sarah, Kelly, Ian P, Claudia and Mike

The band are (from L-R):
Vera, Ali, Karen, Mark, Phil, Clare, Lawre, Joe, and Colin

Possibly the same dance, as everyone is in the same position
Turning the melodeon a bit to try to reach the other side of the arena in the damp air

Not sure which dance, but there are 10 of them doing it

We moved the last spot to an area outside of the arena, where we could engage a bit more with the public

By then it had started to drizzle but we enlisted umbrella-holders, who seemed to enjoy their new career
This must be Bay Horse, with Karen, Claudia and Kelly dancing the rake figure
We followed this with an East Acton

Here we are, teaching the joiners-in how to do the tip-and-butts sticking
And here is the dance in progress

And drawing to an end with the band and umbrella-holders in the middle
Then, off for a ride on the Fullers dray

I know we've met these horses and the drayman before
Here are those sitting on the other side

If these horses can move 50 barrels of beer, they can probably manage to haul OBJ
Lawre offers the horses encouragement

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