2017 Scrapbook

Winchester Mayfest

20th May 2017

Off to Winchester for a Saturday of dancing. The dance spots are just superb. In addition to the Cathedral and the Great Hall we also danced at the  Buttercross and the museum.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Giles, Helen, Ian, IanJ, Jane, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Lawre, Mark, Mike, Philip and Sarah

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OBJs team for the day, posed outside Winchester Cathedral, with all the usual detritis carried by a morris team

From L-R:
Jane, Eddie, IanJ, Ali, Joe, Phil, Helen, Mark, Ann, Mike, Kelly, Clare, Claudia, Giles, Emma, Chris, Ian, Colin and Lawre

IanJ, showing off that days make-up (it changes every time he puts it on!)
OBJ are dancing something-or-other, but the star of the show is the cathedral

Here is much the same picture but showing more of the cathedrals west front
Then off to another brilliant dance spot - the Great Hall.  OK we weren't really supposed to be there but we blagged a vacant slot and got it organised

Karen, Emma, Claudia and Ian are nearest, with Sarah, IanJ, Ann and Helen on the other side

The band

Joe, Colin, Giles, Clare, Phil, Mark and Eddie
What an atmosphere!

And the acoustics were A-Maz-Ing!

When you played a note, it came rolling back from the other end of the hall about a beat later.

Another picture of the band, showing off the magnificent doors
The round table is on the wall at the other end. Yes, THE round table.

Not sure why we have so many pictures of the band.

Joe, Colin, Giles, Clare, Phil, Lawre and Eddie
Another dance, with a different mix of dancers
It may be Dilwyn

The windows are magnificent
A team photo with the round table in the background

From L-R:
Ian, Emma,  Ali, Phil, Helen, Kelly, Joe, Sarah, Lawre, Karen, Mark, Clare, Colin, Giles, Eddie, Mike, IanJ, Ann and Chris

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