2017 Scrapbook

Wessex Folk Festival, Weymouth
3rd-4th June 2017

This has become a firm favourite with OBJ

OBJ comprised: Ali, Andy, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Giles, Helen, Ian, IanJ, Jane, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Mark, MaryAnn, Mike, Phil, Sarah, Tony and Vera
and lots of others who joined in

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Dance: The Alvechurch Smithy

Dancers: Ian, Karen, Clauia, Tony, Eddie, Kelly, Helen and Mike

Musicians: Joe, Colin (melodeons), Phil, Clare (concertinas), MaryAnn (fiddle), Vera, Mark and IanJ (percussion)

Camera: Chris

Dance: Brimfield

Dancers: Ann/Claudia (tag-teaming), Helen, Karen, Kelly, Tony, Ian, Mike and Eddie

Musicians: Colin, Joe (melodeons), Clare (concertina), MaryAnn (fiddle), Vera, IanJ, Mark, Sarah, Jane (percussion)

Camera: Chris

Dance: Much Gridlock (modified Much Wenlock)

Dancers: Eddie, Ian, Mike, Helen, Andy, IanJ, Emma, Tony

Musicians: Joe, Colin, Phil (melodeons), Clare (concertina), MaryAnn (fiddle), Ali, Vera, Kelly (percussion), and a helper (Penny Whistle)

Camera: Chris

Dance: White Ladies Aston (the tune is Dill Pickle Rag)

Dancers: Eddie, Tony, Ian, Mike, Kelly, Helen, Emma, Claudia

Musicians: Joe, Colin, Phil (melodeons), Clare (concertina), MaryAnn (fiddle), Ali, Vera, Andy, IanJ, Jane (percussion)

Camera: Chris

This chap wanted to join in and dance Dilwyn with us - it was his birthday

This may beMuch Gridlock, with newbie IanJ 2nd from right getting some last-minute tuition
Another view of the same dance

Not sure which dance this might be - perhaps Witchmens Thistle

Kelly nearest the camera, with Eddie following
This looks like more of Much Gridlock

The band

Ali, Colin, Phil, Clare, Vera and Tony, with a couple more hidden from view
Probably Much Gridlock again

The rounds figure in Much Gridlock
Much Gridlock's chorus/sticking figure

Another band picture

Joe, Colin, Clare, Phil, Vera, Eddie and Ali
Playing a few tunes between dances


Andy, Eddie and Karen visible amongst the dancers
More of Hay-on-Wye

Kelly, Eddie and Clare on this side, and Claudia, Andy and Karen on the other side

A team picture, but a few were missing

From L to R:
Ali, Mike, Emma, Andy, Joe, Ann, MaryAnn, Claudia, Clare, Ian, IanJ, Vera, Eddie, Colin, Chris, Jane, Kelly, Phil and Tony
Colin and Ali watching the bridge opening, whilst IanJ shows just how much war-paint he's wearing

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