2017 Scrapbook

OBJ's Annual Wassail - Lands End

22nd January 2017

OBJ's Annual Wassail was held on 22nd January at The Lands End. I don't know how many wassails we've held - this was probably the 20th.  They all follow much the same format - an "ancient traditional recipe" , which seems to work.

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Andy, Ann, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma (in MF kit), Giles, Helen, Ian, Jane, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Lawre, Mark, Mike, Philip, Sarah, Tony and Vera

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First we did a bit of dancing.  Here is the band: Colin, Joe, Philip, Vera, Clare (hidden), Mark, Andy (guest drummer). Ali must be out of the picture

One of the dances was Brimfield.

Here is a selection of pictures

And a double set of Hay-on-Wye

Our chums Wickham Morris joined us

 Garston Gallopers were one of our guest sides

And our old friends Phoenix Morris
Mayflower Morris were there too

After a bit of dancing, the Mummers Play got started, with some familiar characters and a new "baddie" for St George to defeat.  In the end, good triumphed over evil.


After the Mummers Play had reached it's traditional conclusion, we got started on the Wassail ceremony.  

First the wassail cake was distributed (thank you Pam), and whoever got the bit with a bean in it, was selected to be King or Queen of the Wassail.  In this case it was King Paul III (he'd been King twice before) and he selected Queen Rowena II  to be his consort.

We sang the traditional songs, blessed the tree with cider and toast, and drove away evil spirits.  Joe's apple tree is good to go for another year.


There were some familiar and unfamiliar faces around

Our Squire was visiting from the far reaches of his squiredom

And Clare was showing off a new version of our face paint 
Colin and grandson Thomas (who wasn't as worried as he looks!)
Some old friends in the other sides
And an appreciative (and tolerant) audience
Afterwards, it was into the pub where our hosts Steve and Yvonne did us proud
And the day finished with music, dance and song

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