2017 Scrapbook

Swanage Folk Festival

9-10th September 2017

It rained - Boy Oh Boy did it rain! It rained pretty well all Saturday afternoon and gave us a repeat performance on Sunday afternoon. So much for Swanage's micro-climate

Nevertheless, we managed to get a lot of dancing done in the face of adversity.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Carol, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Helen, Ian, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Linda, Mark, MaryAnn, Mike, Phil, Tony and Vera, with some help from Andy and his grandchildren, from Freya and from various old friends

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Saturday started well, with a spot at the Red Lion, under a blue sky - very promising.

Here we are, getting ready for our usual warm-up dance - Dilwyn

Newbies Linda and Carol have their backs to us - the 2nd and 3rd  on the right hand side
More pictures from the same dance.

Barbara (ex Wicket brood) joined the music for this spot
This is Tide (Just as the tide was a'flowin)

Ian and Helen are at this end of the set
Tony announces the next dance, which is Much Gridlock

The sky is still blue, but MaryAnn has come prepared for adverse weather
Carol and Karen lead off the final figure
At our next spot on the sea front, the clouds have gathered, and the raindrops have appeared on the camera

But we're determined to continue until it becomes impossible
This looks like it may be a Hay-on-Wye, with Ian and Eddie facing us
This is Brimfield, with even more raindrops on the camera
By now, we had a fairly wet band

Colin, Joe, Mark, Vera, Andy, Carol and Linda
For our third Saturday spot we were due to perform at the Heritage Centre with Marlings Morris, but by then the rain had become torrential.  We went off to dance inside the Mowlem Centre where we had danced in previous years, only to encounter an irate jobsworth, who ordered us out as we were upsetting his dog.   As we didn't want to cause a scene or to extend the pour creature's suffering, nearly 200 people traipsed outside to stand in the rain.

It's ironic that John Mowlem donated the Mowlem Institute to the people of Swanage for forms of recreation and education and to improve their conditions of life. I can hear him turning in his grave.   I'll ask whether the festival organisers can come to some arrangement with the Mowlem Institute to permit use of this space in future.

It was fun while it lasted. - here are some pictures of us dancing Brimfield
Next stop - almost literally - was a ride on the steam train up to Corfe Castle.

The rain continued torentially throughout the journey, but we emerged into brilliant sunshine at the pictureque station.

We did an hour or so of dancing with Borderline Morris, Cornucopia and another team (who i think may be Cogs & Wheels) - then went off for cream tea or a pint before returning to Swanage.  On the return journey, the now-customary guards van dances were performed, with help from Andy's grandchildren.

I haven't found any pictures of this part of the day yet, but if they emerge, I'll add them here

Sunday started with lovely weather and we created an imprompu spot on the sea front with Fox's Morris, Wicket Brood and Gong Scourers.

As the weather forecast was dire, we took the opportunity to do a massed Worcestershire Monkey in case we didn't get another chance.

No pictures yet, but I'll put them here if they turn up.

The weather held off for our lunch-time spot at the Red Lion, dancing with our local friends Fleet Morris

Andy's grandchildren again helped out, taking part in a Hay-on-Wye.

No pictures yet, but I'll put them here if they turn up.

Did I mention that it rained? The last spot of the day started drizzly and quickly deteriorated.  

Gong Scourers were due to join us but they announced they'd had enough and disappeared in the general direction of Kent. We made the best of a bad job and did a bit of dancing - managing to complete at least one dance (Brimfield)

Our guest house's proprietors joined us for this part of the day and their daughter Freya helped wiith the collecting tin, charming donations from the remaining audience.
It was raining so heavily at this point that we concluded we'd be warmer, and possibly drier, in the sea.  

Following our 20-year-old tradition we abandoned common sense and sploshed off into the water.  
First, Ann provided some sticking practice for Freya.  

The sea was behaving itself with an almost flat calm
So off we went. Claire joined me to provide musical accompaniment 
It was fine at first, with waves breaking up to our knees.

Here we are, dancing Dilwyn
Then an improvised Hay-on-Wye, pat-a-cake style as we hadn't brought enough sticks with us.
But then the waves got a bit more frisky so it was time to abandon ship before my melodeon turned into papier mache.
And it all ended up like this (as usual!).
Some other bits and pieces from the weekend
Tony and Claudia celebrating their wedding anniversary
Chris in the late summer sunshine at the Red Lion
Andy, wondering where we'd all got to
But we soon arrived. Vera and Colin at the Tourist Information Centre
These youngsters were very good.  I don't know who they were, but I think someone said they were from Barnsley
They were accompanied by these lads doing a "men in black" routine
Belthane are always worth watching. If we wound our body clocks back 30-40 years and practiced incessantly, we could do this!

I'm not sure I'd look very good in holey tights though.

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