2017 Scrapbook

Oxford Folk Weekend

23rd April 2017 - St George's Day

Off to Oxford for the Sunday of the Folk Weekend - it coincided nicely with St George's Day.

Unlike last year, it didn't snow on the way up to Oxford so that was a relief, and the weather stayed warm and dry all day.

There was one serious disappointment - I'd been looking forward to some Youngs London Stout, and the Kings Arms told me it had been discontinued by the brewery. Can this be true?

Apart from this setback we had a lovely day.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Andy, Ann, Carol, Chris, Claudia, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Jane, Joe, Karen, Linda, Lorraine, Mark, MaryAnn, Mike, Philip, Sarah and Tony 

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Here we all are, at the Pitt-Rivers Museum.  It was abit of a walk, but a nice spot when we got there.  I had a brief look inside - it looks worthy of another visit.

The stone-work around the doorway and windows has intricate carving - well, some of it has.  Evidently the Irish stone-masons didn't get paid to finish the job, so they went home!

There is memorial stone outside commemorating a debate about evolution between Charles Darwin and Samuel Wilberforce (Soapy Sam), the Bishop of Oxford. A handy stone to play from.

This is probably Much Gridlock getting started
The same dance, moments later

We'll have to work on getting those swings better synchronised.

Our newbies Linda, Carol and Lorraine are amongst this set  - they are the ones in sync.

MaryAnn and Eddie

The delightful lady from San Diego was in the brackground with Claudia. 
The memorial stone came in handy.

Ali, Karen, Mark, Colin, Clare, Philip and Jane are visibile in the band.

This is Dilwyn

Sarah and Linda are nearest, then Lorraine and Ian
The Dilwyn "Stars" figure

Carol is in the star on the left, and Linda and Lorraine are in the star on the right

More of Dilwyn, with Carol and Lorraine facing us
Clare, Philip, Andy and Claudia

Mark and Philip
After a visit to the pub, it was off to Broad Street

This is a double set of Sheepskins getting itself organised

More of Sheepskins

This is the "Lead off Left" figure.

Mike, Linda and Carol are getting ready for the next bit
Emma, Claudia and Andy dancing

In the band I can see Philip, Joe, Clare, Mark, Ali, Colin, MaryAnn and Ann

After the delights of Broad Street we went off to Cornmarket  - no photos have turned up from there

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