2017 Scrapbook

New Years day - The Roebuck, Wickham

1st January 2017

Another new venue for our traditional New-Years-Day with Wickham Morris

A bit of a shaky start as the eather was threatening rain. So we adjourned to the covered area at the back of the pub, together with an appreciative audience, and it was comfortably warm and dry - a bit of a first for New Years Day.

Plenty of dancing, followed by a topical mummers play, then into the pub for food, drink, music and song

OBJ comprised:
Andy, Ali, Ann, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Jane, Joe, Philip, Sarah and Tony

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Dancing got under way with Hay-on-Wye

Andy, Claudia and Chris are nearest

A bit more from the same dance

Andy passing Ann
Ali, Colin and Phil

Wickham dancing
Then we all danced together, including this lady in a wheelchair

The mummers play featured "an unpleasant odour from the west"
The grim reaper appeared, and explained that he might be busy this year

And our special relationship was demonstarted by a a fight between St George and "Trump" who wielded a briefcase with a large red "nucular button"

The forces of good prevailed

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