2017 Scrapbook

Henley - End of Term Bash

25th July 2017

At the end of the "summer term" we set off to Henley for an evening with whoever wants to join us. In this case, it was the usual suspects: Phoenix, Taeppas Tump and Aldbrickham

There is always a good audience and  this evening was no exception.  After  everyone had done several dances, we finished with a Worcester Monkey and our customary East Acton joining-in dance

Afterwards, we adjourned to the Row Barge for a music session, which thanks to the staff went rather well

OBJ comprised: Andy, Ann, Carol, Chris, ChrisD, Claire, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, IanJ, Joe, Karen, Lawre, Linda, Lorraine, Mark, MaryAnn, Mike, Philip, Sarah and Vera

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Dance: Worcestershire Monkey

Dancers: Mike, Karen, Sarah, Ian, Ann, Emma and Eddie

Musicians: Joe, Colin, ChrisD and some helpers (melodeons), Clare (concertinas), MaryAnn (fiddle), Vera, Mark, etc (percussion)

Camera: Chris

If you're going to have a focal point for your town, make it like this!

The town hall and Falaise Square work really well

IanJ and Mike at this end of a set for Dilwyn

Plenty of people in the band, with a few helpers
This may be the rounds figure in Witchmans Thistle

Emma and Mike in the foreground, and Taeppas Tump in the background

Mike and Emma again 
A mystery dance - maybe Much Gridlock

Emma, Mike, Eddie?, Sarah and Carol

Joe, Colin, Mark, Loraine, Clare, Phil, Vera, Lawre and Andy in the band
Another mystery dance - maybe the same one

Emma, IanJ, Eddie, Sarah, Linda, Karen and ann

Same dance, same dancers
It's starting to look like Witchmens Thistle!

And so is this
And this

Carol, IanJ and Sarah in Dilwyn
More of Dilwyn

Lorraine, Mike, Emma, Andy and Claire facing us

And some more

Claire is facing us
Not sure which dance, but Linda and Claire are nearest

Another puzzle
Same puzzle again

Claire, Andy and Emma facing us

The light (and focus) is starting to fade so it's time to get ready for an East Acton
Some of the joiners-in

Plenty more in this picture

Colin with the tickling stick
The final figure in East Acton, with the musicians in the circle

Hurrah! And off to the pub

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