2016 Scrapbook

OBJs Christmas Dinner, at The Lands End

20th December 2016

OBJ in civvies for a change. Some of us scrub up quite well!

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Video on Youtube - dancing Bay Horse

Dancers: Ann, Andy, Emma, Helen, Ian and Karen

Musicians: Clare, Colin, Giles, Joe, MaryAnn, Phil, Ali, Lawre, Mark, Vera with help from Andy W

Camera: Chris

Vera, Kelly Mike and Giles on the left

Mark, Karen, Emma, Ian and Helen on the right
Ali examining the fireplace

Colins new Christmas jumper
Joe explains something while Ali ignores him and smiles for the camera
Mike seems to be enjoying 40 winks while MaryAnn and Phil make slurping noises
Andy sings us a merry song about "mother's just planted petunias, the weeding and seeding was hard"

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