2016 Scrapbook

Wokingham Winter Carnival

27th November 2016

Just for a change it was neither cold nor wet! We enjoy it whatever the weather (so long as its not cold and wet!)

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Colin, Giles, Helen, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Lawre, Mark, Mike, Philip, Sarah, Tony and Vera

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Looks like this may be the start of a Dilwyn

Kelly and Tony are closest to the camera

Borderline look on
The cross-overs figure in Dilwyn

Ann is facing us

This time Berkshire Bedlam are looking chilly in the background
Later in the same dance

Tony and Andy are nearest
Chris has a chat with her friends. 
This is the Alvechurch Smithy "men-in" figure

Phil and Eddie are facing out and I think its Claudia and Helen passing them
Later in the Alvechurch Smithy

Eddie and Phil
The band

Joe, Colin, Mark and Vera

The chorus line

Ali, Ann and Andy
Another picture from the Alvechurch Smithy

This time, Tony and Mike are receiving attention

This looks like Much Gridlock

Claudia Andy and Kelly are facing us. Ann is facing away
Much Gridlock comes to an end and they dance off in an orderly fashion


Looking over Phils shoulder at Andy sticking with Helen
Another picture of the band

Lawre, Phil and Colin are visible - Joe and Giiles are well-hidden

Ali, Ann and Claudia are rattling away in the background

The group photo just before we join the procession

Ann is wearing radio-active shoes to light the way

Lawre, Eddie, Andy, Tony, Chris, Claudia, Ann, Kelly, Ali, Joe, Vera, Colin, Mike and Mark

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