2016 Scrapbook

Wessex Folk Festival, Weymouth
4th-5th June 2016

Back to sunny Weymouth again - not that dreadful Melcombe Regis place just across the water! This has become a firm favourite with OBJ in recent years

OBJ comprised: Ali, Andy, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Colin, Emma, Giles, Helen, Ian, Joe, MaryAnn, Phil and Tony 
and lots of others who joined in with the music

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Dancing: Hay-on-Wye

Dancers: Andy, Ann, Emma, Helen, Ian, Tony

Musicians: Colin, Joe , Phil (boxes), Ali (drum), MaryAnn (Fiddle), Giles (Uke)

Camera: Chris

Dancing: Brimfield

Dancers: Ann/Claudia (tag-teaming), Emma, Helen, Ian, Phil, Tony

Musicians: Colin, Joe (boxes), Ali (Drum), etc

Camera: Chris
Not sure who took the picture as I think we're all in it!

We were joined by Sharon and a couple of other musicians for this one.

Ali, Joe, Colin and Phil in OBJ colours

On the quayside down a bit from the Kings Arms

This is Wrekin Havoc
Ann, Emma and Helen face MaryAnn, Tony and Ian

Later in the same dance

Ian, Emma and Helen at this end
And more from Wrekin Havoc - Sticks Out!

Another band picture

Ali, Joe, Sharon, Giles, Phil and Colin plus another musician
Sheepskins getting ready to start

MaryAnn, Claudia and Chris face Ian, Tony and Phil

This may be a Worcester Monkey, near the "Old Rooms" and "New Rooms"

Chris and Ann are nearest

Brimnfield, in the same spot

Helen, Emma and Ann face Phil, ian and Tony

Colin fell victim to an unholy mixture of sun cream, sweat and warpaint in the eye.  Thankfully the ambulance crew provided an eye bath
We do a lot of this at Weymouth

Colin, Ann, Ali, Joe, Chris and Tony at the end of a long day

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