2016 Scrapbook

Swanage Folk Festival

10-11th September 2016

Can this have been our 20th Swanage Folk Festival?  It never rains in Swanaage - the locals all tell you "it has it's own micro-climate"!  Well they were nearly right this time, apart from the Saturday morning, when the micro-climate decided it was our turn for a bit of precipitation.  Never mind, the festival and Swanage were just as enjoyable as ever.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Giles, Helen, Ian, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Mark, MaryAnn, Mike, Phil, Tony and Vera, with some help from Andy and his grandchildren, and Sharon

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Dancing Bay Horse on the Sea Front

Dancers: Karen, Helen, Kelly, Eddie, Emma, Ian

Musicians: Clare, Colin, Joe, Phil, MaryAnn, Phil, Ali, Mark, Vera

The Saturday morning was a bit torrential so we took shelter in the Mowlem Building. Not the brightest of places, but we made the best of it!

I can just make out Phil, Vera, Colin, Ali, Sharon and Joe

Who knows what this dance was, but there was enough room for it.

Kelly is right in the middle of it
Another mystery dance - possibly Much Wenlock

Kelly, Emma, Mike and Helen are at this end of the set
Some of our extended band - Andy and grandchildren
Still in the gloom of the Mowlem

Chris and Mike are nearest, but the dance is another mystery
The rain stopped about lunchtime.  

Colin, Ali and Chris pose with Freya from our B&B
On Saturday afternoon, while the other teams were enjoying the gruelling procession through Swanage, we took our customary trip to Corfe Castle on the Swanage Railway

First a bit of music in the guards van
Then the standard repertoire of guards van dances.

This may be Hay-on-Wye, with Tony & Chris nearest
This is certainly Hay-on-Wye, using hands instead of sticks to avoid breaking lights, windows etc

Mike and Eddie are now nearest
After cream tea in the NT tea-room (or beer in the Greyhound), the "ancient tradition" of staging Corfe Castle's mini-folk-festival got under way.

We were accompanied (or possibly targetted) by musket-fire from the re-enactors in the castle

Sheepskins in progress.

MaryAnn is in her wet-weather kit.
More of Sheepskins, with Claudia and Karen facing us.
After the massed Worcester Monkey and Tide on the Sunday, we adjourned to the sea for the usual aquatic dances.  

I haven't found any pictures of those, but the day ended with the usual fun and frolics in the sea.

Now who is this fine fellow?
None other than our esteemed squire, Tony
And here they all are, disappearing off towards the Isle of Wight
Freya, our little friend from our B&B joined in.  Claudia just couldn't get her out of the water
Joe enjoying the sunshine, and carefully posed below the Town Council sign
No festival would be complete without a pooch picture.  This is Kelly with Karens little dog.

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