2016 Scrapbook

May Day with Hurst Morris People (HuMP)

1st May 2016

Our friends HuMP invited us to their local May Day celebration and somehow secured the best days weather we've had this year.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Chris, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Giles, Helen, Jason, Joe, Kelly, Lawre, Mike, Pegeen, Sarah and Tony

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Maypole dancing in the orchard.

Helen, Tony and Andy are in this picture
The beginnings of a fairly successful plait - if thats the right word!
The dance in progress

Helen, Chris, Mike, Andy, Kelly and Ed

Same dance, same people

Claudia, Tony, Mike and Kelly
The band comprised Lawre, Giles, Andy, Joe, Jason, Colin, Pegeen and Ali

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