2015 Scrapbook

Wreckers Birthday Bash in Cornwall

15th-16th August 2015

Our friends Wreckers Morris invited us to their 15th Birthday Bash, and as we'd been to their 5th and 10th birthdays we went along and had a great weekend.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Jason, Joe, Karen, Mark, MaryAnn, Nikki, Pegeen, Philip, Sarah and Tony, with some help from Jess and Sharon.

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The Saturday was spent on a coach trip to some nice spots.

The first was Restormel Castle, near Lothwithiel

Here is Ann doing a bit of posing
And here are some other posers

Clare, Mark, Jason, Colin and Tony with two of Wreckers' finest
Dancing in Restormel Castle

Here are Wreckers, taken from the battlements
OBJ wait their turn

Here we go.

The band get ready, assisted by Sharon

Clare, Sarah and Karen on the outside, with Claudia, Tony and Philip in the middle
The outs are now in and vice versa, and Ann has tagged Claudia
Jason and Mark enjoy the view

Richard and Colin
Then, back on the bus, and we turn up in Fowey

This is Dilwyn, danced by the harbour

Jess is helping out
A bit of fancy footwork

We were helped out by some of our "tribute band" - Devon Borderline
Still in Fowey

Claudia, Ann, MaryAnn and Clare on the left - Tony and Karen visible on the right

After the dancing there,  it was time to stuff ourselves with Cornish Pasties, then move on to Looe
This is Looe

At one point we set up a massed East Acton with members of the other sides in the spot, and some of the audience . 

Here are the long and complicated instructions.....
Then it gets under way, and they all did very well
The audience watched carefully
This little girl was very enthusiastic - as was Jess, further down the set
The next day was spent in Kingsand and Cawsand

Here we are in the same spot as we were pictured in the 2010 scrapbook
Ann just couldn't stay out of the sea

Tony & Claudia spent some time on the beach
After dancing at all the pubs in Kingsand and Cawsand, here we all are at The Crosskeys
During the weekend we spent some time in The Weary Friar

Great food and a nice ambience
And visited Rame Head - one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall
In previous years we climbed out to the chapel and played some music. 

Old age limited our enthusiasm this time - maybe in 2020!
The view back owards Plymouth Sound

Jess made a little friend
We amused ourselves on the bus, taking selfies like a bunch of teenagers

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