2015 Scrapbook

Woods Day at Jocks Lane Park, Bracknell
22nd February 2015

Another cold appearance at the Woods Day celebrations at Jocks Lane, Bracknell - but fun just the same.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, ChrisD, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Jason, Joe, Karen, Marian, Mike G, Nikki, Pegeen, Sarah, Tony and Vera, with help from Mark and Jessica

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Mark, Vera, Jason, joe, Colin and ChrisD - plus Jess and Fred-the-Ted

Much Gridlock

Eddie, Claudia, Sarah and Mike G are facing Tony, Ann, Andy and Pegeen
Much Gridlock again - the starburst figure

Sarah and Mike G are facing us

Probably the same dance
Witchmens Thistle - the four-up figure

Ann and Chris leading

Sheepskins getting started
Sheepskins in progress

The town and district mayors joined in a dance

Here they are, getting ready to attempt Dilwyn
The rounds figure - not too bad so far

Not sure what they are doing in this one
Here's the band, supported by Jess and Fred

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