2015 Scrapbook

Wokingham Sunny Saturday

20th June 2015

We appeared in Wokingham town centre on one of the "Sunny Saturdays" events sponsored by the Town Council.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, ChrisD, Colin, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Marian, MikeG, Philip and Sarah,  with quite a lot of help from Jess.

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This is Hay-on-Wye

Lawre, MikeG and Ian are facing Chris, Sarah and the-invisible-dancer
Witchmens Thistle

Chris and Ann in the foreground
Later in Witchmens Thistle

Chris, Sarah and MikeG are facing Ann, Ian and Philip
Not sure which dance this is, but everyone is moving

Sarah and MikeG in the foreground

The musicians

A little chap in red plays the lagerphone, plus ChrisD, Colin, Joe and Joe with Chris and Sarah in the background

Phil and Lawre also played during the day
A small East Acton gets under way
The final figure of East Acton
Not sure which dance

Phil, Sarah, Ann, Andy, MikeG and Ian

Witchmens Thistle coming to an end.

Wokingham's Town Hall is in the background

Andy, Ann and Jess are facing Lawre, Sarah and MikeG

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