2015 Scrapbook
A (Wet) Day Out on the Watercress Line
26th July 2015

Once again, we'd arranged to dance at the Watercress Line's Summer Fayre, together with Red Stags Morris.  The weather forecast was awful, and the Summer Fayre was cancelled, but we turned up and danced outside Alresford Station, then anywhere under cover, including the trains and the newly-built waiting shelter at Ropley.  Rob from Wickham joined us and entertained us with songs.

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OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, ChrisD, Claudia, Colin, Jason, Joe, Marian, MikeG, Pegeen, Sarah, Tony and Vera, with some help from Jess.

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The day started at Alresford Station, with clouds looming, so we opted to not black up

This is Hay-on-Wye

Tony, Pegeen and Ann on this side
Later in the same dance

Pegeen and Ann now at this end
Not sure which dance, but Tony and Sarah are at this end
It even brightened up a bit

Ann, Pegeen and Claudia prepare to face Mike and Andy plus one other

Later in the same dance - the "one other" is still invisible
This one is Dilwyn

Jess is in the star figure with Sarah, Claudia and Andy
The musicians are: a lady from Red Stags, Vera, Jason, Ali, ChrisD, Colin and Joe
This is "Tide" - always an open invitation for rain.

Ann and Claudia pass one another

Jess is enjoying an ice cream, but I'm not sure what the foot is doing
Then it started to rain at about 11:30 so we boarded the train.

We danced the customary guards-van dances on the way up to Alton and back to Ropley
This is a morris-dancing "first".

This waiting room and shelter was built during the winter, and looks magnificent. 

As it had never been danced in before, we did so in order to drive away any lurking evil spirits.
Both OBJ and Red Stags crowded in - while the station staff looked on in puzzlement

But, it was dry!
Not sure which dance this is, but we managed to dance it between the cast iron columns
This shows the array of signs and the station clock
By mid afternoon, the rain was bucketing down so we caught the train back to Alresford, had a cup of tea, and went home - undefeated by the weather!

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