2015 Scrapbook

Warfield Fete

13th June 2015

We appeared at Warfield Fete - something of an annual fixture

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, ChrisD, Colin, Eddie, Ian, Jason, Joe, Karen, Lawre, Marian, Mark, Mike, Nikki, Pegeen, Philip and Sarah,  with some help from Jess.

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This is Witchmens Thistle

Mike, Chris, Sarah and Karen are facing Tony, Eddie, Claudia and Ann
Witchmens Thistle comes to an end

Tony and Pegeen at this end
Brimfield - or more correctly "The Brimfield Stick Dance"

Karen facing Mike at this end, Ann facing Tony, and Sarah facing Eddie

Brimfield a bit later

Claudia has tagged Ann

Tony, Jess, Ann and Eddie on this side
The band

ChrisD, Joe, Colin, Nikki, Mark, Andy, Vera, Vera's grandson, Jason, Pegeen, Ali and Karen - with a couple of little helpers
Much Gridlock

Chris and Eddie at this end

An East Acton, with assorted brownies, kids, mums and dads
And that's it over for another year!

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