2015 Scrapbook

Swanage Folk Festival

12-13th September 2015

We think this was probably our 19th Swanage Folk Festival. It was just as lovely as all the others!

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy, Ann, Chris, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Giles, Helen, Ian, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Mark, MaryAnn, Philip and Tony, with some percussive help from another Andy

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The Heritage Centre dance spot (or Fish&Chip Shop spot)

This is probably a Dilwyn
And this is the "rounds" figure in the same dance

Claudia is nearest us
This Bay Horse

Eddie and Ian are swinging
More of the same dance

Eddie (in the skirt) and Emma (in trousers) are nearest

The band

Joe, Philip, Mark, Colin, Ali, and Chris
Then its off to Corfe Castle using our specially created tickets (Thank you, Swanage Railway)
The spot outside the castle entrance could have been made for morris dancing.

The band formed up in the little street, with plenty of walls to echo the sound

This time, MaryAnn, Joe, Colin, Ali, Mark, Philip, Karen, Claudia and Clare make up the band.  This may be the first public outing for Clare's concertina
That left plenty of space outside the castle entrance thingy for the dancing.

This is Sheepskins.  Helen, Andy and Ian are moving, while Emma, Tony and Eddie are standing
Brimfield about to start

It's pleasantly peaceful in the evening sun
But the peace is soon shattered

Helen and Tony, and Karen & Phil are nearest
The "arming" figure

Mark is giving the bodhran a bit of welly - it drives the music along nicely
This is Hay-on-Wye (two sticks!)
And this is Hay-on-Wye ending
Followed by a Worcestershire Monkey
Clare swings with Claudia
Kelly, Claudia and Ann share a moment
Clare and Philip looking out to sea

Was this when Waverley was coming in to the pier?
As usual, some of us took afternoon tea at the National Trust tea-shop - very civilized!

The others went to the pub!

Inspecting the sea in preparation for dancing on the Sunday afternoon

Is it wet enough?
It was fit for purpose.

But the melodeon sounded a bit odd for a few days afterwards
This was "Just as the tide was a'flowin" - which it was.

OBJ plus a few gatecrashers from Borderline and Fox's Morris

Sharon is helping with the music
Other musicians played from a safe distance!

Joe and MaryAnn
Clare cooling off
While others got right in

Emma, Claudia, Eddie and Ian getting wet

Was it a bit cold Claudia?
Ann and Emma
Tony and Helen have joined them
Claudia and Tony afterwards - no room in that swimwear for a Blackberry phone!

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