2015 Scrapbook

New Years day - Soberton
1st January 2015

Our traditional venue for New Years Day with Wickham Morris.

OBJ comprised:
Andy, Ali, Ann, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Joe, Marian, Philip, Sarah and Tony

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This dance is probably Dilwyn - if in doubt, then it probably is!

Claudia and Clare are nearest.

Philip is making possibly his debut appearance as a musician, and the band has some help from other sides musicians

Much Gridlock?

Ann, Eddie, Clare and Claudia on this side, facing Chris, Sarah, Andy and one other
Witchmens Thistle comes to an end

This may be Tide

Tony and Ann are nearest

Clare is playing the recorder
Now, which dance comes to an end with sticks aloft?

It's Craven Stomp.

This is definitely Brimfield!

Nearest are Clare, Philip, Tony and Claudia
It's either our joining-in dance (East Acton) or Wickhams version of Dilwyn

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