OBJ's Scrapbook


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Date Event or Place
Dec 19 OBJs Christmas Dinner
Nov 29 Wokingham Winter Carnival
Oct 4 Reading Town Centre
Sept 12-13 Swanage Folk Festival
Aug 15-16 Wreckers Birthday Bash in Cornwall
Jul 26 A (Wet) Day at the Watercress Line
Jun 20 Wokingham Town Centre (Sunny Saturday)

Jun 13

Warfield Fete

May 30-31 Wessex Folk Festival (Weymouth)
Apr-July Dancing at Pubs etc
Apr 19 Oxford Folk Festival
Feb 22 Woods Day Celebration, Jocks  Lane, Bracknell
Jan 18 OBJ's Annual Wassail
Jan 1 New Years Day with Wickham Morris