2014 Scrapbook

Woods Day at Jocks Lane Park, Bracknell
23rd February 2014

This is a very popular annual event, and a lot of people turn up to enjoy the various stalls and exhibits, including the birds of prey, woodworking, miniature railway - and us.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Andy B, Andy W, Ann, Anna, Chris, ChrisD, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Gill, Jane, Joe, Karen, Marian, Mike G, Nikki, Philip, Sarah, Tony and Vera
We had quite a lot of help from Rob, Lynda and Jessica

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We get started with the customary warm-up dance - Dilwyn

Andy B, not yet in kit, gets ready

Witchmens Thistle in progress

The white lines of the tennis courts ensured nice straight lines
The rag jackets are doing what they are designed to do - assisted  by a strengthening breeze

Chris, Philip, Tony and Eddie cross over

Lynda joined us for the day, and has the lagerphone in this picture

Witchmens Thistle coming to a conclusion

Karen and Chris facing us
The notation for this says (with a bit of embelishment):

Arms aloft at 45 degrees, fist clenched, pause for applause and adoration, then dance off

Some of the audience is inspired to invent their own dance
A bit more dancing

Eddie, Karen and Andy W are facing us

An East Acton gets under way, with the incredibly long and complicated instructions.

The children listen carefully and take it all in, and do an excellent job
The "sticking" part of East Acton

Lynda and Clare gets down to the right level.

Strange how many children recognised Clare despite her disguise!

East Acton comes to a conclusion.

This is Sarah and daughter Jessica in the pink boots
Here's a later dance in progress

You can see Jessica-pink-boots making up her own version

So we thought she ought to join in and do a proper dance

Here she is dancing Dilwyn opposite Sarah, with Chris on hand to help her
Then off to the Indian Restaurant for their Sunday Buffet. 

While we were waiting for our table for 19, we did a few dances - in this case Sheepskins, assisted by the chef (who had yellow hands from handling curry spices!)

Several of the kitchen staff came out to watch - it's a wonder that anyone got fed that day

And here's Hay-on-Wye, with Jessica wielding two sticks that are nearly as big as her
Two of our newbies - Karen and Sarah, with a friend

As "Old Mr Grace" would say - they're all doing very well!

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