2014 Scrapbook
A Day Out on the Watercress Line
27th July 2014

We'd arranged to dance at a Summer Fayre at the Watercress Line, together with Basing Clog, Kennet and Wickham Morris.  As it turned out, the Summer Fayre was cancelled so we all went along anyway and enjoyed a relaxing day with a picnic, train rides and the customary music and dance on the train

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OBJ comprised: Alison, AndyB, AndyW, Ann, Anna, Chris, ChrisD, Claudia, Colin, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Liz J, MaryAnn, MikeG, MikeS, Nikki, Sarah, Tony and Vera, with some help from Jess.

Our thanks to Lynn for some of the photos.

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The day started at Alresford Station

Here we are, dancing Brimfield

This is MaryAnn, MikeG, Ian, Tony and Sarah
Hay-on-Wye, at Alresford

AndyB and Emma at this end
The OBJ instrumental ensemble

Chris, Claudia, Jess, Ann, Mike S, Vera, Joe, Nikki and Colin
Kennet Morris Men dancing at Alresford
This picture shows the 1860s station to advantage
I think this one is at Alresford - possibly during Hay-on-Wye
OBJ and Kennet did a couple of quick dances during the run-around at Alton
During the journey, OBJ started the traditional guards van dancing, which Kennet joined - this dance is Monks March.

Then to Ropley for a picnic in the apple orchard, followed by a look around the workshops for those interested
Driver (Richard) and fireman (Martin) on 925 Cheltenham - Southern Railway "Schools" class

Martin happens to play the melodeon, but at this moment he's pre-occupied with the token.
This is the footbridge from Kings Cross station, carefully re-built at Ropley.  It once led to platform 9 3/4 and appeared in some of the Harry Potter films.

Colin was amongst many people who helped put it back together in its present form and location. 

This was probably the first time that morris dancing had been performed on it since it was built in 1892 - certainly the first time since it was re-built at Ropley 120 years later.
Both Kennet and OBJ performed the "ancient custom" of dancing on the bridge in order to drive away evil spirits and thus ensure it's good fortune. 

The good fortune commenced immediately - with it not falling down!
Basing Clog arrived at Ropley on a later train and danced on the platform
We eventually made our way back to Alresford

Here, OBJ is dancing Brimfield again
A cup of tea and a chat with the loco crew.

In days gone by, it was customary to thank the driver for a safe and pleasant  journey.  I don't imagine this happens much on todays railway
A group photo at Alresford as the day ended

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