2014 Scrapbook

Swanage Folk Festival

6th-7th September 2014

OBJ first danced at Swanage in 1997 and we haven't missed one since

Just the same as all the other Swanage Folk Festivals - Excellent!!

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Andy W, Ann, Ann O, Anna, Chris, Colin, Claudia, Eddie, Emma, Helen, Ian, Ian O, Jane, Joe, Karen, Kelly, MaryAnn, Mike G, Mike S, Sarah, Tony and Vera with help from Andy, Richard, Mark,  Martin, Jan and many more

Some of the pictures were supplied by Giles, and some from Karens friends Mike & Caroline. 

There is a video here

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Helen and Mike relax near the pier before evrything kicks off

Andy must have been standing just behind Helen - those feathers aren't sticking out of her head!

Because of engineering work, our first spot had moved from the clocktower to the new rowing club.

This is possibly the first time its been danced at!

It worked rather well

This is Brimfield in progress

The percussion section percussing
A busy spot at the Heritage Centre.

I can't work out which dance this was!

Ian, Emma, Karen, Sarah and Chris are dancing

This is Worcester Monkey at the Heritage Centre

Anne, Emma, Ian and Claudia are facing Chris Sarah, Karen and Andy

Eddie is ensuring that the lamp-post doesn't tumble over onto them

Worcester Monkey again. Anne is cuddling Sarah, whilst Chris twiddles

Amongst the band are Helen, a nice lady I can't recall the name of,  an Exmoor drummer and a box player, Joe, Jane, Richard, Colin, Kelly, Mike S, Vera, Nikki, Andy and Mark

Somewhere amongst the band are Ann, Ian, Jan, Richard, MaryAnn, Anna and probably a few more!

Anne and Chris hobble off
Part of the band - which vastly outnumbered the dancers

A lady from Exmoor morris (just), Ann, Anna, Richards hat, Jan(who wrote the tune), Colin, MaryAnn, Kelly, Mike S, Vera and Nikki, with Andy battering the bongos

Not sure which dance this is
Our customary train trip to Corfe Castle on the Saturday afternoon

Helen, Emma and Ian (and the castle!)

As usual, we danced in the square near the castle entrance
And on the bridge that crosses the moat

Tony looking baffled by whatever is happening!

Colin has acquired a pink halo (actually Jess' fishing net!)
Claudia and Anne doing some serious posing, with Richard, Jess and Colin
The traditional end of the festival. 

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