2014 Scrapbook

Enchanted Market, Pinewood
8th February 2014

On a cold and windy day, we assembled for a bit of dancing at the so-called Enchanted Market, at Pinewood on the edge of Wokingham.  All the faery folk were there.

OBJ comprised: Alison, Anne, Chris, ChrisD, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Jane, Joe, Liz D, Marian, Mike G, Nikki, Philip, Tony and Vera

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This is Hay-on-Wye

Philip, Emma and Clare are facing us, Liz D, Tony and Ian are facing away

A bit later in the same dance
And more of the same!

And Hay-on-Wye comes to an end
This is Wrekin Havoc

Ian, ???? and Claudia are in the furthest star.  Tony, Eddie and Chris are nearest

Did I mention that it was windy?
Much Gidlock

Emma and Ian sticking

Dancing off from Much Gridlock

Tony & Philip leading, then Claudia & Clare, LizD & Anne, Emma & Ian
Not sure which dance this is

Claudia and Clare are in the foreground

A stars figure - but which dance?

Clare, Ian and Emma
The band and helpers

Nikki, MaryAnn, Jane, Philip, LizD, Tony, Colin, ChrisD, Claudia, Mike G, Vera, Joe and Ali

Clare and Philip


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