2014 Scrapbook

Oxford Folk Festival

27th April 2014

We danced at Oxford on the Sunday this year - necessitated by Ali & Joe's birthday party on the previous day.

The weather was sunshine and showers so we spent a reasonable amount of time in the pub (shame!).

Some of these photos came from facebook - no doubt someone knows who took them!  I don't think I ever saw him/her as most of them appear to have been taken from behind me.

OBJ comprised: Alison, AndyW, Ann, Chris, ChrisD, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Karen, LizD, Marian, MikeG, Nikki, Pegeen, Philip, Tony and Vera

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Gathering together on "The Broad"

This must be Dilwyn

I can see Eddie, Emma, Sarah and Ann on the right
Sarah - probably in the same dance

Dilwwyn again

Cross-overs - Colins elbow in the foreground
Not sure which dance

Chris, Sarah and Ann

Maybe the same dance

Chris, Karen, Philip, and Colins left arm
Karen, Eddie and Emma - plus Colins left shoulder again
Not sure what has tickled Emmas fancy!
Ann, at a curious angle

Colins right shoulder this time

Ann in the foreground

Colins hat and ear
No sign of my elbow or shoulder in this one, taken by Karen!

Ann, Tony, Pegeen and Emma are nearest. Chris Philip, Ian and Eddie are furthest.

Sheepskins on The Broad
And another

Colin, Jess and Sarah

I think we'd just offered to put Jess in the stocks
At The Castle - aka Oxford Gaol

Some of the band

This must be the star-burst figure in Much Gridlock
This is "Just As The Tide Was A'Flowin" - known to us all as "Tide"

Left fists are doing just what they ought to do!
Brimfield gets started

More of Brimfield
Jess telling Colin what's going on.

It's a Worcester Monkey about to start

And here is the "Monkey" in progress
The Monkey's stars figure

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