2014 Scrapbook

Chippenham Folk Festival
25th May 2014

It's quite a while since OBJ last appeared at Chippenham Folk Festival - probably around 2006.

We had an excellent day in Chippenham - dancing in nice spots, in decent weather, with a good audience

OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Chris, ChrisD, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Jane, Joe, Kelly, LizD, Marian, MikeG, Nikki, Sarah, Tony and Vera - with a bit of help from Jess

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Our first spot was at the Rose & Crown with the Chalford Stick Company.  It was a bit bleak at first, but it warmed up

Here's Sarah's daughter Jess joining in with Dilwyn opposite her mum.  Chris is guiding Jess through the dance.

Witchmens Thistle

Mike G, Eddie, Ann, Kelly, Chris and Claudia
Then off to the Borough Parade shopping centre for the next spot, which we shared with Ridgeway StepClog

This is Hay-on-Wye.

Sarah, Chris and Kelly are nearest, and MikeG, Tony and LizD are facing us

More Hay-on-Wye

Joe, Nikki, Ann and Colin are visible in the band
Sunshine at last!

Still Hay-on-Wye. ChrisD and Vera are visible on the left in the band

Brimfield-for-six gets started

MikeG, Tony and Eddie face Kelly, Claudia and Ann
And the sunshine holds, as Brimfield continues

Ali has the drum

Sheepskins about to start, with Jess as the leading "hat"

MikeG, Sarah and Tony face Eddie LizD and Chris
Sheepskins in progress, with everyone taking care not to step on Jess!

Ali and Kelly have the tambourines and Jane has the lagerphone

Worcester Monkey in progress

Eddie, Chris, Claudia and MikeG are visible. 
More Worcester Monkey

We never tire of this dance!

Next stop, the High Street, with a good audience

This is probably Much Gridlock

MikeG and Eddie at this end of the set

More Much Gridlock

And still more Much Gridlock

Chris, Ann and Kelly facing us in the Starburst figure

AndyB joined us for part of the day

Kelly and LizD nearest

Later in Hay-on-Wye

The little girl in pink and her mum (wearing "68") had been watching and jigging through all the dances, keeping excellent time.
Hay-on-Wye comes to an end

Little Pink Girl may be a morris dancer one day

Wrekin Havoc (probably!)

Little Pink Girl and "68" are still jigging
Later in the same dance.

Man in purple top has appeared just behind Little Pink Girl, carrying the cutest dog of the day. It was a "Sprocker" - yes, a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Cocker spaniel.

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