2014 Scrapbook

Borderline Day of Dance, Wokingham
12th July 2014

We joined Borderline for their Day of Dance in Wokingham, together with a few other sides.  MaryAnn organised the day, which went spiffingly.

OBJ comprised: AndyW, Ann (in Borderline kit), Anna, Chris, ChrisD, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Joe, Karen, Marian, Mike G, Nikki, Sarah, Tony and Vera, with a bit of help from MaryAnn

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We started the day at the Duke's Head

This is Hay-on-Wye

Mike G and Ann are nearest

A group picture featuring the little girl who'd been watching and jigging about
Cornucopia at the Duke's Head

Then off to the best dance spot in Wokingham Market Square

This is probably Bay Horse

Mike G, Eddie and Chris are sticking with Ann, Claudia, and Tony

Sarah, Karen and Claudia are sticking with Eddie, Mike G and Tony

This seems to be an impromptu game of cricket!

Claudia batting and Tony as wicket-keeper
Whitethorn in the square
One of the old favourites but I've no idea which one.

Claudia and Mike G nearest
Not sure which dance this is

Mike G and Claudia in the middle

Probably Witchmens Thistle

Karen, Sarah and Mike G facing us
Witchmens Thistle

Tony, Karen and Mike G are visible

Back to the Duke's Head for a final spot


Karen and Ann stick with Mike G and Tony
Not sure which dance

Tony, Karen, Sarah, Ann, Mike G, Eddie

A double set of Worcester Monkey with Borderline
The music provided by Joe, MaryAnn, Colin, ChrisD and Vera with help from several others
And here are some of us at the end of the day

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