2013 Scrapbook

Wokingham Winter Carnival
24th November 2013

Back to Wokingham Winter Carnival for the first time in a few years.  Thankfully the weather has improved since the last time!!

New members Andy, Karen and Liz D made their debut performances, and it all went very well

OBJ comprised:
Andy, Ali, Ann O, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Ian O, Jane, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Gill, Liz D, Marian, Mike G, Philip, and Tony

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We kicked off promply at 11:15 - probably the only side to do so!

This is the customary warm-up (and confidence-building) dance - Dilwyn.

Emma and Liz D are in the foreground

The same dance

Kelly, Andy and Mike G are facing us

Andy is making his debut
The band

At this point it comprised Jane, Ali, Chris D, Ian O, Colin, Clare and Claudia, plus AnnO and Joe who are hiding somewhere

I think we made more noise than the other sides who were present

This is Brimfield

The rag jackets fly as Kelly gives it some welly, sticking with her dad Mike G
This is Hay-on-Wye

The dancers are Claudia, Chris, Kelly, Ian, Tony and Gill

Probably Dilwyn.  Nice straight lines!

Mike G and Emma are nearest

Joe and Ann O have come out of hiding in the band
Witchmens Thistle

The visible dancers are Emma, Eddie, Karen, Chris, Liz D, Mike G

Tony and Philip are probably the hidden ones

The same dance comes to an end

Philip, Emma and Mike G are nearest, and Karen is looking through the gap
We moved up to the town square after lunch.

Heres the band, and this time Joe and Ann O aren't hiding.

Ali (drumming), Colin, Chris D, Joe, Ann O, Ian O, Jane and Clare

A double set of Sheepskins

Eddie, Gill and Ian on this side - Philip, Tony and Claudia on the other
We bumped into the mayor.

Kelly and Chris are posing with an usher and a little girl who just happened to be there. Her fur almost matches the mayor's

Karen and Liz D made their debut
We support the Thames Valley Air Ambulance's fund-raising activities.

Most of us are in this picture - from L-R are:

Ian, Liz D, Andy, Philip, Tony, Chris, Claudia (Hidden), Mike G, Emma, Karen, Clare, Ali, Jane, Colin (peeping), Kelly, Ian O (hidden), Eddie, Ann O

Ali made a new friend - I've a vague feeling that he might be a Boston Terrier

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