2013 Scrapbook

Woods Day at Jocks Lane Park, Bracknell
24th February 2013

The day started cold, and just seemed to get colder - maybe the first time we've danced while snow was falling!

OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Chris, Clare, Colin, Eddie, Gill, Joe, Kelly, Lynda, Mike G, Philip, Tony and Vera

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A group photo with the mayors (Bracknell District and Bracknell Town) and their consorts

Either Witchmens Thistle or Much Gridlock about to start

Eddie and Mike G in the foreground
The mayoral party look on (and shiver a bit)

Probably Witchmens Thistle
An East Acton gets under way

They seem to be enjoying it
And here's the littlest dancer in the set

Bay Horse

Philip facing Clare on the right
Witchmens Thistle coming to an end


Mike G, Clare and ???? facing Lynda, Gill and Tony

Thats the trouble when lines are straight - it's hard to see everyone's face!

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