2013 Scrapbook

Wessex Folk Festival, Weymouth
1-2 June 2013

We haven't danced in Weymouth since 2006 (unless you know otherwise!) so we were eager to return.  

We were especially keen as the Folk Festival is now held in the beautiful Brewers Quay area, rather than what I think was once called Melcombe Regis. 

The sun shone and the setting really could not have been better. 

OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Ann O, Chris, Chris D, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Ian O, Jane, Joe, Kelly, MaryAnn and Tony with a bit of help from people we encountered along the way.

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We spent most of the weekend just here.  This is the view from the street outside the Kings Arms.

The bridge does this every two hours so that boats can get up into the inner harbour, or escape from it.

Sadly, the trains to the ferry terminal don't run along the quayside like they did years ago.

A Brimfield kicking off

I can see Emma, Ian, Eddie and MaryAnn
This is Bay Horse

Emma facing us, with Ann, Tony and Eddie's rear views

Not sure which dance this is, but Ali, Ian and ???  are facing Ann, Tony and Eddie, while the bridge is doing it's thing in the background

In the band, Joe, Ann O, Ian O, Colin, Claudia and Chris D are visible
This is probably Much Gridlock

Tony, Ali, Ian, ????, Ann, Claudi, ???? and Chris

Tony and Chris in the foreground
 On one of the rare occasions when we strayed from the Kings Arms, this is Dilwyn

Emma, Eddie and Claudia are nearest the camera, and Jane has joined us  to drum

Sheepskins gets started

Eddie, Tony and Ian with Ann, Claudia and Emma
 A bit nearer to the Kings Arms

Ann and Ian in the foreground

We have a lovely little helper with the tambourine

Worcester Monkey coming to an end as we head off into the sunset
This pretty lady is Isla, learning how to dance Hay-on-Wye with Chris. 

She had made her own morris stick, but we let her use ours.

This is Tony - poster boy for the Festival
An impromptu session on the quayside

There were some odd characters about

Eddie with his scary sunglasses
And if you think Eddie looks wierd, try this little lot!

Chris is defending herself against the gun-toting pirate, while the mincing Johnny-Depp-lookalike swaggers.

It's tough being a fierce morris dancer!

Colin, Chris, Ali,Joe and Eddie take cream tea - complete with woolly knitted tea-cosies.

The scones were lovely.
We spent most of the weekend outside the Kings Arms

And a sizable part of it inside too.

Ali, Kelly and Chris
Colin and Joe did manage to drink some of this too!

This is the scene on the opposite side of the harbour around 1980.  The Channel Islands Boat Train is leaving the harbour station and heading towards the lifting bridge

The two men in orange jackets are leading the way - their job is to bounce any cars out of the way if they've parked on the railway track.

Happy Days!

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