2013 Scrapbook

Swanage Folk Festival

7th-8th September 2013

OBJ first danced at Swanage in 1997 and we haven't missed one since

This one was just as good as all the others with lovely weather, good company and an appreciative audience.
We did all the same old things - why spoil a recipe when it works!

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Ann, Ann O, Anna, Chris, Chris D, Colin, Clare, Claudia, Eddie, Emma, Gill, Ian, Ian O, Joe, Kelly, Marian, MaryAnn, Mike G, Mike S, Philip, Tony and Vera with a little help from our friends Andy, Martin and Jan

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Getting ready for kick-off on the Saturday morning

Brimfield on the sea front - maybe Saturday afternoon as the shadows are lengthening

Tony, Mike G, Clare, MaryAnn and Philip are visible
Possibly Bay Horse

Claudia, Chris and Emma are visible

A double set of Sheepskins in progress

Clare, Gill and Ian are the first three
Emma enjoying herself in the same dance

Colin and Ann are visible in the band

The Corfe Castle mini-folk-festival, after a ride on the steam train, pulled by one of the Watercress Line's engines

This must be Wrekin Havoc, with Mike G and Philip in the foreground
Not sure which dance, but Cluudia is nearest the camera

Clare and Chris facing us, Claudia and Tony facing away
The band

Martin & Jan (from Wicket Brood), MaryAnn, Anna, Ian O, Ann O, Colin, Joe, Andy-the-Cahon, Vera, Mike S and Jane

Several other sides joined at Corfe Castle, including Cornucopia

MaryAnn is playing for them
Imitation is the best form of flattery

 Our friends Borderline from Devon

Our biggest, littlest, fan

Isla was faced with the choice between her brothers birthday party and coming to see us.  No contest!

Isla is in kit and ready to dance

Here she is, dancing Hay-on-Wye
The customary (traditional?) massed Worcester Monkey dance

OBJ, then Wicket Brood plus at least 4 other sides

The massed Worcester Monkey in progress
Watched by a massive audience

The massed band was awesome - you could probably hear it in Bouremouth !

The festival ended with the usual aquatic dancing

Wicket Brood joined us for a mixed set of "Just as the tide was a'flowing"

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