2013 Scrapbook

South Hill Park Folk Day

14th September 2013

We were invited to dance at South Hill Park's Day of Folk. 

In the event, it turned out a little damp as the day progressed but we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Ann, Chris, Clare, Colin, Claudia, Eddie, Gill, Ian, Jane, Joe, Lawre, MaryAnn, Nikki, Philip and Tony

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We started at the front of the building to greet people as they arrived

The band

Lawre, Claudia, Philip, Jane, Nikki, Colin, MaryAnn(hiding) and Joe
Look at those straight lines

Eddie in the foreground

Eddie, calling
Eddie and Gill

Jane drumming
Lawre strumming

Hay-on-Wye ending
Waiting to be played off

Dancing inthe gardens

Claudia and Clare in the foreground

The same dance
Not sure what's happening here

Colin and Joe playing

Brimfield getting under way

Eddie and Tony to the fore
Brimfield in progress

This is the "Ho"

Clare and Claudia enjoying it
MaryAnn looking decidedly damp

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