2013 Scrapbook

An OBJ Practice
9th April 2013

During the winter season we practice in Bracknell - teaching beginners, learning new dances and honing our performance to perfection (!)

Here are a few pictures from one of our weekly practice sessions.

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Some of our highly skilled musicians (?)

From L to R: Kelly, Ali, Vera, Mike S, Nikki, Colin and Joe.

Mike G is observing, and Liz and Marian are doing what they do best.

Emma is learning Worcester Monkey and the others are getting some practice in on the tricky bits.

On the left are Tony, Emma, Ian and Mike G

On the right are Eddie and Philip, with Claudia and Clare hidden
I think this is the "stars" figure - stopped for a "review"

The Worcester Monkey chorus - we call this move "cuddles"
And the "stars" figure going more smoothly

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