2013 Scrapbook

Oxford Folk Weekend
20th April 2013

Always a nice day out, with lovely locations in the land of Morse, Lewis and Endeavour - not to mention Boris. 
The weather was excellent, just as it always seems to be on this weekend every year.


OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Gill, Ian, Joe, Mike G, Nikki, Philip, Vera and a bit of help from Emma, Jane and MaryAnn

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On Broad Street, with Balliol College in the brackground.

We get started with Dilwyn - our traditional warm-up dance.

Eddie, Claudia, Ann and Gill are facing Tony, Chris, Ali and Mike G

The same dance - the crossover figure
The musical department

MaryAnn, Chris D, Vera, Joe, Colin and Jane

Plus plenty of help from musicians from other sides

A joint Sheepskins, danced with Plum Jerkum

Chris and Ann with Eddie hidden.

Plenty of help with the music!!
Dancing by the prison - or we will be soon!

Can't work out which dance this is - perhaps Witchmens Thistle?

Chris, Tony and Mike G face Ann, Ian and Eddie
 Near the castle

Gill, Tony and Ann facing Mike G, Ian and Eddie

At the Baptist Church spot
 Wrekin Havoc at the Baptist Church.

Eddie, Philip and Ann face Chris, Tony and Mike G

Back to the castle area

Maybe a Witchmens Thistle or much Gridlock

Eddie, Ali, Ian, Philip, Gill?, Mike G, Tony and Chris
And almost certainly a Worcester Monkey to finish

Emma is helping out with this one

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