2013 Scrapbook

Mayflower Day of Dance
21st July 2013

OBJ  and Yateley Morris joined Mayflower to celebrate their 35th birthday. 

The event took place in and aroun d Guildford and included a boat trip on the River Wey (so much for seeing any otters there in future!).

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Ann, Anna, Chris D, Claudia, Eddie, Gill, Ian, Joe, Marian, MaryAnn and Tony

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Some of OBJ assembled ready for dancing and nautical adventure, having navigated their way to the distant reaches of the car park.
Brimfield in progress

MaryAnn, Philip, Claudia and Ann are amongst the dancers
The same dance

Now I can see that the others were Tony and Eddie

Mayflowers band
Mayflower dancing on the bridge

They don't look a day over 35, do they?

Yateley in the same spot
OBJ in a churchyard

No idea where, or what they are dancing!

Possibly Bay Horse?

Not sure what's happened to Eddie's trousers
Not sure if the "GO" sign was to control the dancing

A communal dance to celebrate safe arrival from the boat trip?

Tony and Philip in this one
Eddie in this picture

Taken before his trousers shrunk

Philip and Tony arriving at the end of the tunnel
All aboard!

Ann, Ali and MaryAnn


Are they horns or a halo?
Anna must have been in charge of frightening children that day!

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