2013 Scrapbook

5th January
Jeallotts Hill Community Landshare Wassail

We were invited to perform the "Wassail" part of the Warfield Walk n Wassail event, so we treated it as a dry run for our own wassail.
The project has a 250-tree orchard so we wassailed one of the trees in the hope that it spreads to the other 249.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Chris, Chris D, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lynda, Mike G, Tony and Vera

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We started with an explanation of wassailing, and while the wassail cake was being distributed we did a couple of dances

I think this is probably Dilwyn
Then we set up an East Acton for everyone

Colin explains how to do it
Which seemed to go well - they all danced it perfectly
And it got everyone warmed up
Some of the things you need for a wassail - toast, wassail cake and a wren.

The cake has a bean in one piece, and whoever gets that piece becomes King or Queen of the Bean for the ceremony, and selects their consort for the occasion
King Liam I and Queen Lorraine I

The rest of us are singing "The Kings Toast" -  Joy, health, love and peace...

Meanwhile, David, Claire and their helpers had made a nice big fire to keep us all warm while we wassailed
It was a lovely fire, but not quite near enough to the apple trees!

Moral of this story - do a proper recce beforehand!
King Liam is holding the wren - appropriately the king of all birds according to legend

We sang traditional songs, urging the apple trees to be fruitful in the coming season, then the wren was buried in the roots of the tree
The King and Queen prepare to place toast in the tree branches

They were assisted by our "elf" (Ali) who is sadly not in any of these pictures.  Perhaps someone has a picture of Ali in her elf hat, which came complete with pointy ears.
And King Liam pours cider into the roots.

We all made a lot of noise to drive away evil spirits, using whatever came to hand
Then retired to the Inn (or barn) where we had to sing to be let in.

Mulled cider and mince pies awaited us

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