2013 Scrapbook

Ian & Emma's Wedding

28th September 2013

A small group of us journeyed to far-away Portsmouth to help celebrate Ian and Emma's wedding. 

The date coincided with Colin and Chris's 45th wedding anniversary - we all wish Ian and Emma many happy anniversaries.

We chose to wear "outdoor practice" kit so we could slip between looking respectable and dancing.

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Ann, Chris D, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Joe, Marian, Philip and Tony - with a bit of help from the happy couple.

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Tony announces the first OBJ dance

Ian and Emma are in very non-standard kit - but we excused them on this occasion.

And we get on with it.  Chris and Ali are in the foreground.
Mayflower did a few dances too

Which Emma joined in
Mayflower doing something that I just can't explain

OBJ in another dance - possibly Witchmens Thistle

Claudia in the foreground
And probably the same dance

Ann and Tony facing us

Round and round they go

Chris, Claudia and Philip are facing us
Witchmens Thistle comes to an end.

Arms up at 45 degrees, clenched fists please.

A communal dance at the end of the afternoon.

The Spinnaker Tower is in the background
And the dance comes to an end, led by Emma

Mayflower revealing their undergarments yet again
Emma doing something very suspicious.

Is she pinching someone's beer?

Her mother-in-law looks on in approval

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