2013 Scrapbook

Guildford - Children in Need

9th November 2013

Off to dance in Guildford to collect for Children-in-Need - an event organised by our friends Mayflower Morris

On probably the rainiest day of the year we lurched from "Plan A" to "Plan C" and along the way, almost everyone adopted outdoor practice kit.

OBJ comprised:
Ali, Ann, Anna, Chris D, Colin, Claudia, Eddie, Gill, Ian, Joe, Kelly, Mike G, Tony and Vera.

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Plan B - or was it Plan C - involved dancing in the covered part of Tunsgate. Nonetheless it still managed to feel pretty wet, even if it wasn't

Dancing got started (eventually) with a customary Dilwyn
Ali and Mike G at this end of the set

This is probably Witchmens Thistle, with the light reflecting in the puddles, and the wind howling through the archway.
Not quite sure which dance this is - possibly Bay Horse

This is certainly Witchmens Thistle
And so is this

The rain eased to a drizzle in the afternoon so we ventured out to the area known as "the bandstand".

We acquired a fan who seemed to want to dance in every set and took some controlling - unlike the 300 or so pigeons who were better behaved.

This is Brimfield - Kelly, Tony, Ian and Claudia in the picture

This is Bay Horse

Eddie, Mike G and Ann on this side, and Ian, Claudia and Tony on the other.

Mayflower and Fleet were also there.  We did a somewhat splashy dance together at the end of the day
Mayflower raised a fair amount for Children-in-Need and appeared briefly on TV during the telethon.

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