2013 Scrapbook

Birch Hill Charity Folk Festival
18th May 2013

Bracknell Folk Club organised a Charity Folk Festival in Birch Hill, so we went along and danced a spot with Yateley Morris.


OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Joe, Kelly, Lawre, Mike G, Nikki, Philip and Vera with a bit of help from Doug.

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Starting with a traditional Dilwyn warm-up

Mike G facing Clare

Chris D, Lawre, Joe and Vera are visble in the band

The same dance - the "Rounds" figure

Ann, Claudia and Philip are nearest

Not sure it's entirely legal to dance in a cross-hatched area!

Tony, Ali and Eddie (facing away), and Claudia, Chris and Philip

Claudi and Philip are nearest
Witchmens Thistle

Eddie and Mike G are nearest with Clare, Kelly and Ann visible

Witchmens Thistle comes to an end

Chris D, Nikki and Colin are visible in the band
 Can't recall which dance this is, but it has a Rounds figure!

But then don't they all!

Claudia, Philip, Chris and Ann are nearest

Sheepskins gets started

Kelly, Claudia, Mike G and Philip are visible

Doug is helping out with the music and Ali is drumming
 Sheepskins - probably the "Left Shoulders" figure

Eddie, Philip and Mike G dance around Kelly, Claudia and Clare

Nikki is playing the flute

Sheepskins again - Now it's the girls turn

Clare, Claudia and Kelly advance on the men
Yateley danced turn-and-turn about with us

Here are Yateley doing another dance
And here is Yateley's equine friend keeping Claudia company

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