2012 Scrapbook

National Woods Day at Jocks Lane Park, Bracknell
18th February 2012

A nice day out in February to celebrate National Woods Day.  

OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Anna, Chris, Colin, Eddie, Ian, Joe, Kelly, Lynda, Mike G, Nikki and Vera

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An opportunity for Ian and Lynda to get some dancing-out experience

Chris, Lynda and Mike G facing Ann, Ali and Nikki

Colin, Joe, Anna and Vera provided the music

Not sure which dance this is - perhaps Bay Horse?

By then, Ian had mastered the art of securing his hat against cross-winds!
 Witchmens Thistle

Mike, Chris and Nikke get ready to arm-swing Eddie, Ali and Ann

The real reason we went along - a ride on the miniature railway!

For the technically obsessed, it's a 5" gauge BR 15xx 0-6-0 Pannier Tank.
 I'm more at home with the slightly-bigger ones at the Watercress Line

Note the OBJ kit colours - although on this occasion I hadn't managed to get soot and grease all over my face!

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