2012 Scrapbook
Day Out on the Watercress Line
6th May 2012

We had a nice day of dancing and a picnic - partly as a pretext for getting Joe there.  It was Joe's birthday a few days previously, and we'd organised a footplate ride for him, as a birthday present and as a thank-you for some tools he'd donated to the railway.

Ali was supposed to keep this as a secret - but evidently went around all week singing the Engine Drivers Song - whatever that might be.  So Joe wasn't totally surprised when he was invited to put on some overalls and present himself at the front of the train.

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We danced at Alresford Station

The video shows us dancing Witchmens Thistle

Chris,  Ali, Clare, Philip, Eddie and Mike G are dancing

Colin, Anna, Joe, Vera and Mike S are providing the musical  accompaniment
And we danced at Alton

This is Hay-on-Wye, with Ian, Mike G, Philip and Chris visible

We played  a bit of music on the train - to the amusement of the other passengers, the Ticket Collectors and the Guard.

Joe and Anna

Anna and Colin

We had a look around the workshops and the loco yard

"Don't fall in the pit!"

We all enjoyed a train ride through Hampshire's delightful countryside

Vera, Mike G, Clare and Philip

Nikki (left) joined us for the day

Anna, Mike S and Joe

Eddie, Ali, Emma and Ian

Joe's birthday surprise
Joe gets his marching orders

"Put the overalls on, and get to the front of the train"
Joe on Colin's favourite loco.

Its an LMS Stanier "Black Five" built in 1934 and restored at the Watercress Line. Pure heaven!
Joe and the Black Five at Alton ready for the return trip

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