2012 Scrapbook
Swanage Folk Festival

8-9th September 2012

We look forward eagerly to our annual trip to Swanage Folk Festival - and it never disappoints.

This year (as always) we had excellent weather and did all the customary things: Steam train to Corfe Castle, Fish & Chips by the sea, dancing in the waves etc.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Ann O, Anna, Chris, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Ian, Ian I, Joe, Kelly, MaryAnn, Mike G, Mike S, Sharon, Tony, Vera, with a bit of help from Emma and Andy

Most pictures supplied by Ian


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Not sure which dance this is - or when - but it shows off Swanage Bay and Old Harry Rocks wonderfully

Whatever it is, Claudia, Kelly, Ian, Eddie and Mike G are doing it!
Another mystery - complete with blue pole!

I think this may be Much Gridlock

Chris, MaryAnn, Ian, Ann, Claudia, Ali, Tony, Kelly and Mike G with an invisible partner
Looks a bit like Witchmens Thistle
Probably the cast figure in Dilwyn
Wrekin Havoc seen from above - this is the Upton Hey figure

The band is:
ian O, Ann O, Sharon, Colin, Joe, Anna, Mike S, Kelly, Andy, Vera and Tony, with Claudia watching or rattling something, and a bit of help from a bass player from Wreckers Morris

The dancers are:
Mike G, Eddie, MaryAnn, Ann, Ali and Chris

The same dance

Swanage and Ballard Down in the background
More Wrekin Havoc - the Eathorpe Cross figure
A double Worcester Monkey with Wreckers Morris at Swanage pier

Mike G, Tony, Eddie, MaryAnn, Ann, Ian and Claudia
Near the clock tower

The dance is Bay Horse

Chris is facing the camera
The spot near the clock tower

The dance is Just as the Tide Was a'Flowin  - or just "Tide" to us
The Red Lion, for a few dances while other sides were "enjoying" the procession

This is Hay-on-Wye

Ali & Eddie, then Ann & Chris, then Mike G and Ian

Witchmens Thistle at the Red Lion

Vera and Sharon, with Anna and Colin playing back-to-back
Sheepskins on the sea front - maybe Sunday morning

Colin leads Tony and Ian into the Sheepskins Hey.

Chris, Claudia and Ann wait for their turn

Photo from Clive Pearson
And here are Claudia, Emma and Ann dancing the Hey

Leaning into the curve nicely

Chris looks on and keeps order

Photo from Clive Pearson

"Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits"

A break in our busy schedule

"I say, is this the right platform for the Swanage train?"

Claudia making an entrance during our annual trip to Corfe Castle on the Saturday

Forming a set for Dilwyn on the Sunday afternoon

Most of us were brave enough
But, some kept their feet dry
The dance in progress

And the star performers of the weekend?

Alfred & Judy (Or Bill & Ben if you are a Thomas the Tank Engine fan!)

They were built 7ft 6in tall to get under low bridges on the Port of Par railway, and were visiting the Swanage Railway for the weekend.

Picture supplied by Ali

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