2012 Scrapbook

13th October
The Prince of Wales, Farnborough
With Mayflower and Yateley Morris

For the pub's Beer Festival. An interesting concept, which seemed to involve standing around at a pub all day, drinking beer.

Tony presided over us in his first outing as squire.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Chris, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Ian, Joe, Mike G and Tony, with a bit of help from Emma

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Sheltering from the rain in our tent whilst Mayflower shelter in theirs.

Our newly elected squire looks relaxed.
Getting ready to play something-or-other

Joe, Colin, Claudia and Chris

Whatever-it-was has just finished.

Ian, Mike, Eddie, Ann, Ali and Tony
Mayflower dancing between the showers
And sometimes in the showers

Emma getting wet!
Yateley demonstrating levitation
Ali looking chilly!
Poser alert!

Claudia and Ann in the middle of Dilwyn
It must be Hay-on-Wye (two sticks!)

Chris and Tony

Eddie and Colin
Ali and Claudia

Some of these pictures were taken by Claudias friend - a professional photographer. He did a smashing job with this one.
And this one
And here we all are together

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