2012 Scrapbook
Dancing at pubs and various locations

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15th May
The Boot, Bracknell
With Mayflower Morris

On a fairly cool evening - but at least it was dry after a day of heavy rain

Not sure which dance this is

Philip, Ian, Lynda and Ali on this side, with Ann visible on the other side

What is Lynda doing with that stick?

Ian and Philip facing Ann, with Eddie keeping a close eye on things, and guarding the lagerphone
Joe, Mike S, Vera (hidden) Chris D and Ali
Mayflower dancing

We always enjoy an evening out with them

More of Mayflower

This time, with garlands
The evenings dancing ended with a customary "East Acton"

We were joined by a few brave souls including the landladys daughter

22nd May

The Star, Waltham St Lawrence
With Taeppa's Tump Morris

On a glorious warm evening - ideal for standing around, chatting and playing music all evening.
The landlord did us proud - he was new to the pub and had been handed a diary that apparently said "800 Morris Dancers".  It turned out that it really said 8.00 Morris Dancers - a bit more manageable.

Taeppa's Tump dance.

OBJ and some of the audience look on.
Much Gridlock

Clare, Ian, Liz? and Chris on the left.
Eddie, Lynda, Mike G and Philip on the right.

Ian and Mike G on the left .
Lynda, Ann and Eddie on the right.

Vera and Mike S (drums), Joe, Colin and Chris D (boxes) and Lawre (just out of the picture) provided the music

9th June

Warfield Fete
This has been a regular event for OBJ for several years.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Anna, Chris, Chris D, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Lynda, Mike G, Nikki, Vera

Marian took the pictures


Our usual "warm-up" dance - this is the cross-over figure

On the left: Mike G, Chris, Lynda, Eddie

On the right: Emma, Ann, Ali
Looks like the same dance to me!
The musicians

Colin, Chris D, Anna, Joe, Cera, Lawre, plus Vera's grandson William and Ann
A Town Crier joined us for this picture
This may be another Dilwyn, from the second set.

Ann and Mike G in the foreground
Probably a Witchmens Thistle
Getting ready to dance East Acton

Chris gives instructions
East Acton in progress

Colin calling (yelling) above the din!

12th June

Stag & Hounds, Binfield
With Datchet Morris

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Chris, Chris D, Colin, Eddie, Joe, Lawre, Liz, Lynda, MaryAnn, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Philip, Vera

Marian took the pictures

We arrived to find the car park full of motor-bikes and bikers - turned out they meet regularly at the Stag&Hounds on Tuesday evenings.  They had a barbeque going and were fund-raising for Air Ambulance.

Probably a Dilwyn

Mike G and Liz in the foreground, Clare watching
More of the same Dilwyn

Joe, Lawre, Colin, Mike S, Chris D playing amongst the bikes
Datchet Morris

I think this was a version of Much Wenlock
Getting dark

This is a Brimfield-for-6

I can make out Eddie, MaryAnn, Ann, Mike G and Philip
All of us

Plus "Boris-the-Morris" - Datchets meerkat mascot - and a badger mascot (from where?)
Datchet dancing their version of Sheepskins
Definitely dark now - time for the last dance.

All up for an East Acton to finish.

Claudia (potential recruit) is on the right
East Acton in progress

Ali, Lynda, Liz and Ann are in the picture

26th June

The Bell, Aldworth
With Garston Gallopers

Probably - no definitely - the best pub in Berkshire.  The landlord and his team were, as always, charming.  There was a good crowd to watch us, including some familiar faces.

Garston Gallopers were excellent company for the evening.  During a lull in proceedings Alan presented us with a gorgeous wassail bowl that he'd made following our wassail in January.

OBJ comprised: Ali, Ann, Chris, Chris D, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Liz, Lynda, MaryAnn, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Vera

Dancing Sheepskins in the street

Ian and Emma in the foreground
Worcestershire Monkey

The Monkey Hey

The light is fading a bit
Worcestershire Monkey

The chorus
A strange trick of the light highlights the drum

The pub team have come out to offer us sustenace. They are lovely!
Getting ready to dance an East Acton with Garston Gallopers and anyone else who cared to join in
East Acton

Jane is in the foreground - wearing a boot after her operation
The East Acton winding down

The little girl in the pink skirt has joined in this dance several years in a row at The Bell
East Acton finishes with the combined band in the middle
Another joining-in dance - I think it was Shepherd's Hey or something similar.

Colin takes a break from playing and joins in
Some of the assembled company pose by the well, opposite the pub

10th July

Lands End, Charvil
With Taeppas Tump

We've been dancing out with Taeppas Tump for 16 years now - we always enjoy their company

OBJ comprised: Ali, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Mike G, Mike S, Philip, Tony, Vera

The usual suspects in the band

Vera, Mike S, Anna, Lawre, Joe and Colin
Possibly their first times in kit - but not yet blacked-up.

Tony and Claudia are on the right.

The Dilwyn Cast figure

Eddie and Mike G lead
Wrekin Havoc about to start

Claudia and Tony  study carefully
Wrekin Havoc in progress
Sticks-out in the stars figure
Sheepskins in progress

Claudia on the move
More sheepskins

Colin flying through the sheepskins hey
Ann dancing Bay Horse
The customary East Acton

Most of Taeppas know this as well as we do

17th July

The Queens Oak, Finchampstead
With Aldbrickham Morris

We were a little late starting due some untimely rain

OBJ comprised: Ali, Anna, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Liz, Lynda, Mike G, Philip, Tony, Vera

Probably a Worcester Monkey

Chris, Philip, Eddie and Ann are visible in the gloom!
Yes, definitely Worcester Monkey!

Anna and Colin usually do the "Status Quo thing" in Witchmens Thistle
Aldbrickham, OBJ and some of the audience prepare for an East Acton
East Acton in progress

24th July

The Four Horseshoes, Sherfield-on-Loddon
With Basing Clog Morris

There's always a nice audience at this pub

OBJ comprised: Ali, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Colin, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Lawre, Mike G, Philip, Tony, Vera

Probably a Dilwyn to get started

Chris and Emma in the foreground
More Dilwyn - the cast figure

"Cast" is called with a northern accent to avoid confusion with "stars"

Eddie, Clare, Mike, Tony and Ali on the left

Philip and Claudia on the right

Colin and Eddie discuss musical matters
Bay Horse in progress
Sheepskins about to start

Emma and Tony in the foreground
Possibly Witchmens Thistle

Tony and Chris at this end of the set
The band

Ali, Lawre, Chris D, Joe, Colin, Vera
And the junior percussion department

Make-shift face-painting seemed very popular
Basing Clog got us up for a dance
Some of the audience joined in
A group photo with this joining-in 90-year-old lady

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