2012 Scrapbook
Kit-Making Party
1 July 2012

A bit of rag-jacket and stick making

Ali, Anne, Colin, Chris, Chris D, Claudia, Joe, Lawre, Lynda and Tony got stuck in and produced sticks for next year and made a start on some new rag jackets.


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There are roughly 300 strips of material in a rag jacket.

Someone has to chop up perfectly good material into 2" x 12" strips - lots of them!

In this case it's Marian, Lynda and Claudia with the pinking shears
Then the strips are placed into heaps and selected for pinning and sewing layer-by-layer.

Pinning the strips "randomly" is a highly skilled job that takes years of practice - Colin demonstrates.
The sticks had been coppiced, seasoned and cut to length beforehand.

Chris D brought a new tool to the stick-making job - an angle-grinder fitted with a flapper-wheel.

Not exactly traditional but it gets the ends finished quickly!

Then the knots and bark are removed with spokeshaves.

Lawre gets stuck into this task.
Joe seems to be enjoying Anns handiwork
Ali gives a stick a final rub down.
Ali, Lawre, Tony and Chris D getting on with it.

The pile of sticks by the wall growing steadily

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