2012 Scrapbook
Kelly's Wedding (Handfasting)
  7 July 2012

Kelly and her partner Ally were married on July 7th. 

Following the civil ceremony, they had a handfasting ceremony, based on the traditions of Anglo-Saxon times.
I'm not an expert in this subject, but I'll try to explain what is going on.

The dress code for the occasion was medieval (optional!) - we went as morris dancers.

Present were: Ali, Ann, Colin, Chris, Chris D, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Marian, Mike G (Kelly's dad) and Vera


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The first stage in the ceremony is for the "priest" and "priestess" to  call upon the elements to seal a circle and make it a sacred and protected space for the ceremony.

The congregation stand around the edge of the circle.
The couple make their vows

Kelly looked wonderful and Ally was wearing chain mail and antlers

Ally's mum is the lady on the left in purple.
The hands are tied together to make the bride and groom a couple, recognised by the community

Here they are, fastened together

The best man (Topoff) is in the circle behind the happy couple wearing a tailcoat and boarskin helmet.
Gifts of cake and mead are consumed by the couple and the congregation.

It's not easy when your hands are tied together - it symbolises looking after one another.
The couple "jump the broomstick"  - which is the gateway between the sacred circle and the community.
They are now recognised by the community as a couple.
This was all a bit too exciting for Ali and Joe
We did a couple of dances. 

Kelly declined to join in for fear of tripping over her dress.
Witchmens Thistle seemed like an appropriate dance for the occasion.
Witchmens Thistle comes to an end
We set up an East Acton.

So many people wanted to join in that we had to move onto the grass

The pigs enjoyed watching it from their pen
The East Acton in progress

Both of Kelly's brothers (in white shirts) and her dad (Mike) are in the dance.

And coming to an enthusiastic end
Ally and Kelly dancing their first dance indoors

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